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Read all information before submitting Help Desk Tickets.

New Email FAQ's and Issues
Prairie South has moved Staff mailboxes from Exchange 2016 to O365 hosted in Datacenters in Ontario and Quebec. This has resulting in some changes which are outlined below.

Issues should be submitted via the help desk or email

Password Change - takes 3 minutes for your new password to sync to Cloud services, so you will not be able to access them until after that time

Restricted Access Error for Outlook on Windows Computers.

Use the website unless the computer is your main (Primary) device. If the computer is not set as a primary device, when you click on the Outlook shortcut, it will open the web version.

  • Any previously saved shortcuts to Outlook will not work if the computer is not set as a primary device.

  • Changes made to your primary device settings may take up to 3 hours to replicate.

Email off our website or web

New website is, your username must be in this format

If you have created any shortcuts to the old email system you must update OR remove them and create new ones. 

Outlook Windows Computer
If you are prompted for your account password, enter it and check the box to remember your password. Username must be

If you are asked to enter your password continuously, you need to delete cached Windows credentials for Outlook. First, exit Outlook and Skype for Business (how to do this is in this document).

Press the Search key and type in credential manager and open

Click on Windows Credentials and delete anything with starting with "MicrosoftOffice…" or, by clicking on the item and choosing "remove". When done, restart computer.

If you get an error:
"Something went wrong. We couldn't find a mailbox for this recipient"
You need to exit Skype for Business, right click on the icon in your system tray and choose Exit. After Outlook opens, you can open Skype for Business again from the start menu.

Email on Smartphone/Tablet
Personal devices

As you own this device, if your PSS email is not working, remove the email account from your phone and add it back.

Division Owned

These should be in Jamf and email profile is pushed to iOS devices. You WILL BE PROMPTED for your password, enter it. This will need to be done each time your password is changed.

If you did not enter your password you can turn the device off and back on, then you should be prompted again OR go to:


Passwords & Accounts

PSS Email O365

Password - Enter your password and click on Done

Outlook Mac

When opening Outlook on a Mac that had Outlook setup before July 1, 2019 you may see this screen

Check the box "Always use my response..." and Allow

This should allow you to continue on. If that does not work, delete the account from Outlook and create a new one

Skype for Business

If Skype for Business keeps asking for Exchange credentials after entering them as, you can try deleting your sign-in info. To do this
Open Skype for Business, click on File, Sign Out


Click "Delete my sign-in info"

Exit Skype for Business, File, Exit

Open Skype for Business, it should now automatically sign in you in again. If you are still prompted for credentials, add them one more time and check to remember.